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October 16, 2017

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I have become more health conscious lately, and green tea has been a part of daily life. However, I never tried an herbal tea before, hence wanted to give a try. Thanks to Tea Treasure for introducing different variants of green tea and herbal tea from all over the world. All the tea herb infusions are tested by the top herbalist of India & USA.

Why Tea Treasure?
Tea treasure tea comes directly to you from the tea gardens to ensure consistent quality. They have a huge variety in teas from green tea to wellness tea to the authentic chai. Their teas are naturally caffeine free, gluten free, with no added flavor, no added sugar and preservatives.
Also, their products are easily available online.

I am going to talk about 11 different teas by Tea Treasure divided into three categories Wellness Tea, Black Tea & Green Tea.

Wellness Tea:
  • Pure Rooibos Tea
  • Rooibos Temptation
  • Immunity Booster Tea 

Pure Rooibos Tea: Pure Rooibos is a red tea. This tea is rich in minerals such as iron, calcium, and potassium. It helps in digestion, Insomnia and bone weakness. It is an herbal beverage, made up of pure Rooibos found in South Africa and this is one of my favorites.

Rooibos Temptation tea: Feel the chocolaty twist with the red tea from the first slurp till last. It has cocoa nibs in it. This tea has anti-aging properties which make your skin look glowing and healthy. the chocolate element in it makes it more tempting. 

Immunity Booster Tea: As the name says, it’s an immunity booster tea. This herbal green tea has a blend of herbs that have traditionally been used by herbalists to help prevent cold & Flu. This is lightly sweet tea it will protect you from the common cold & flu during seasonal changes.
Ingredients: Green Tea, ConeFlower, Licorice, Lemongrass, Terminalia-chebula, Tulsi, Ginger

Pure Chamomile tea: This tea is good for relaxation it recharges your muscles and pumps them with energy. It is recommended to drink this tea before bed and after waking up to give relaxation to your body.

Ingredients: Pure chamomile flower

Black Tea:

Darjeeling Second Flush: Darjeeling tea tastes like the mountains they are grown on. When you hear about Darjeeling tea the light & authentic tea flavor comes to your mind. This one is bright, woodsy and earthy with notes of honey in it. It also contains antioxidant compound polyphenol in it which reduces the risk of cancer.
Ingredients: Darjeeling Black Tea

Green tea:
1)  Lemon & Tulsi Green Tea: I do not need to explain the benefits of Tulsi & lemon as you would know the unending benefits of both. It helps in reducing toxins from the body.  Tulsi has world’s best anti-oxidant, antibacterial properties. Awake your senses with this green tea
Ingredients:  Lemon Tulsi, Lemongrass

      2)  Coconut Sencha: This tea has grated coconut in it, along with Sencha green tea leaves. Sencha is a green tea from Japan. It has lots of health benefits and the taste is more towards the grassy notes. Coconut not only increases the taste of the tea, but the ravishing coolness calms your mind and burns those extra kilos with pleasure.
IngredientsSencha Green Tea, Dried coconut

3)     Tulsi Green tea: Distress yourself with this tulsi green tea. As mentioned earlier Tulsi has lots of anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties. Hence, It's a good option for losing weight. It has lemon taste in it with the authentic taste of Tulsi. 
Ingredients:  Green Tea and Shyam Tulsi, Ram Tulsi, Shwet, Sursa, Van Tulsi

 4) Jasmine green tea: Jasmine makes this tea interesting in flavor and the aroma is amazing. The scent of Jasmine brings the sense of well-being and calm. This is one of the stress relieving teas. It brings you both, good health and interesting flavor.

Ingredients: Jasmine Flowers, Green Tea

Oolong Darjeeling tea: Oolong is a unique tea as each leaf is prepared to preserve the essential tea oils. It is made by roasting the tea leaves. This traditional Chinese tea is also used to sharpen thinking skills.

These are all the amazing teas I have received from Tea Treasure. I would also like to share a Mason jar I have got from them. This Jar is made up of durable glass and has a convenient handle, perfect for your day beverages at your workplace or at home. You can buy this at Amazon or at Tea treasure's official website. 

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Tea treasure

My Verdict : Being a blogger most of the time on the weekends I write and need a something to sip on while I am writing and the fact that I am a green tea person; made me try Tea treasure. They have all the different varieties of Teas you name it and they have it. Be it different flavors of green tea, Black tea, Red tea, Ice tea or even Chai Masalas from Indian to Japanese. Being a green tea person I loved how authentic their flavors are, and every Tea has a unique benefit of it. The Tea leaves can be infused 3 times, that makes it worth for the money. All the Teas are caffeine free which makes it safe for your health. I am impressed by the quality. Recommended for all.


  • Caffeine Free 
  • Huge variety to choose from
  • Various Health benefits 
  • Authentic herbs
  • Value for money
  • Affordable 

Cons : I found none

Ratings : 5/5

Thank you for today !
Untill next time Stay healthy Stay Gorgeous!!

Love ❤

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