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April 28, 2017

Hello People

Today's post is for all those not so organized people. Of course, I am one of them 😃. Ever happened? When you decide to do something from a particular day, but then you forgot it or you were too lazy to even work upon it. I am sure all of us have decided many times to start exercising or to hit the gym, but then we forget about it when the day actually comes. Some of you might stick to it, but for initial days only; and later we tend to get careless about it day by day.

A single change in your habits can eventually change your lifestyle.

A Daily Journal can be that one change
Yes! Writing your goals daily can help you to achieve those short term or long term goals.

So I thought how to be a little more organized! Let's try a Journal this time. So I got this beautiful Journal by Matrika's Stationery, what impressed me most is their designs and variety. The way these journal look can steal all the limelight around.

They have 4 options to choose from:

1) To Dream: In a beautiful Pink Color with a golden butterfly designed on it
2) To Fly:  In a beautiful dark Olive green color with a Dragon Fly design on it
3) To Write: In red color with a beautiful feather design on it.
4) To Glide: Beautiful blue color with a fish design on it.

For each option, they have a different design. I chose mine "To Fly"
It is in this lovely Dark olive green color with golden colored fly beautifully designed ❤
The covers are so eye-catching for all the four options mentioned above. It also comes with an elastic rubber lock to secure it and an envelope attached to the back side.
Overall the color combination and design look so prominent.

The Creative  Woman's Journal

A journal  for the creative woman who uses the dairy to write her dreams and escape to a different place.

The inside pages have 8 coloring pages made of delightful and detailed design inspired by nature these can be used for coloring , shading and doodling activities which are known to be therapeutic and stress relieving.
This journal also contains sticker pages, this is what made me more excited about this. I can write my current mood or a thought and just paste a sticker according to it to make it more creative and fun. It will become a wonderful memory when you read that corner again and feel nostalgic.


1) Personal Data: The very first page is all about your personal data which includes Name, contact, Address etc.

2) Ruled sheets: Where you can write your notes, your daily plans, and thoughts.

3) Adult coloring sheets: These are total 8 sheets with beautiful designs, you can use for coloring and display your creativity.

4) Doodle sheet :  Mainly used for sketching you can also use it for making it more memorable by pasting a few pictures on it or to draw something.

5) Stickers: I love how amazing & humorous, these stickers are; expressing different moods like "Bucket list" " Do it now" "Monday Blues" "oops" and the best one "I deserve a prize for this". You just have to peel one and past it on the page where you want.

6) Books to read: A handy column for people like me who love to read, you can actually make a list of books you have read and the books on your "to read" list. It contains 2 column Date & Book name.  It helps you to focus if you are a person who has a list of books to be read in a month. You can schedule it; when you would like to read the next book.

7) Places to be visited: Who doesn't love traveling? Probably no-one, and all of us have a few dream destinations to visit. This page also has 2 column Date and Place where you can plan your vacations pretty well.

8) Name & Address: The last page is a general column for Keeping Name address and email of your important contacts.

Buying option: This Journal is available online on Amazon at INR 450 each
Click Here to buy.

  Be more organized and creative with this Woman's Journal. The things that catch your eyes catches your mind. I would highly recommend this Journal to all the creative woman's out there!!

My Rating : 5/5

Thank you for today until next time, Stay healthy Stay beautiful !
Love ❤

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