INATUR Skin Care Haul | Organic Skin Care for Oily to combination Skin

June 25, 2017

Inatur is one of my favorite beauty brands which is a Perfect combination of Ayurveda, Herbs & Science. I personally believe in organic products over chemically infused products. A great way of skincare with natural herbs and organic methods.

I have been using Inatur for a year now and it has been one of my favorites so far. Inatur is having a vast range of products to choose from. From skin care to hair care to essential oils, you will find everything here concerned with your beauty. Recently I attended a bloggers meet Organized by Inatur held in Delhi. I was amazed at the range of products they offer. The store was huge with a variety of products and one beauty Space inside where you can get facials and pamper yourself. We also had a chit chat session with the owner Mrs. Pooja Nagdev. Where we gained knowledge about Indian herbs & Facial oils and a lot more.

Inatur's almost every product has selective Indian herbs which make them more effective.

let's start with the haul and the mini reviews:

Do check the list of amazing Herbs every product has!

  • Paraben free Products
  • Organic
  • Huge Variety of products
  • Affordable yet effective
  • Buy online or at the store, They have launched a new store in Logix Mall Noida.

DLF Saket Store

1) Inatur Hand & Nail Cream:

 I am using it for quite a while now, easily glides on the skin provides perfect moisturized effect being non-greasy at the same time plus point is it strengthens nails too. And not to forget the amazing fragrance it has. I have received compliments for this many times.

Herbs Includes: Honey- Healing Antiseptic
                          Calendula- Healing Anti-inflammatory
                          Shea Butter- Good For Dry and dead skin
                          Olive Oil- Hydrates & Heal
                          Vitamin E- Antioxidant & Nourishing.

Retails for 320 INR Buy it here

2) Inatur Silky skin face wash:

If you are a dry skin type, go for it this is perfectly made for you. Cleanses skin well without taking the natural moisture of the skin. This is anti-ageing & Nourishing face wash.

Herbs Includes: Ashwagandha - Anti Ageing
                          Aloe Vera  -Cellular regenerator
                          Geranium - Hydrating
                          Honey Extract - Restructures the skin
                          Jatamansi - Preserve youthfulness
                          Rose Oil - Remove fine lines

Retails for 270 INR but it here

3) Inatur Cucumber Toner:

This toner is so refreshing it gives an instant cooling effect. It contains tea tree oil which keeps the acne at the bay. Good for oily to combination skin type.
Spray it directly on the face after washing and let it absorb. Keep away from eyes.

Herbs Includes: Basil Oil - Improves blood circulation & Antiseptic
                          Cucumber - Toning & Clarifying
                          Lemon Oil- refreshing & purifying
                          Tea tree oil - Sebum regulator & antiseptic

Retails for 225 INR Buy it here

4) Inatur Oil control face wash:

This is good for acne prone skin. I have been experiencing a change in my skin texture from dry to combination to oily. Currently, my skin is way too oily, which is more prone to acne but this face wash cleanses the skin well and keeps the acne at a bay.

Herbs Includes: Basil - Noninflammatory
                          Clove - Controls acne
                          Neem- Antibacterial
                          Tea Tree - Regulates sebum
                          Turmeric - makes skin glowing
                          Vitamin E - Antioxidant

Retails for 250 INR buy it Here

 5) Inatur Oil control face pack:

This is my go to face pack for the weekend pampering session when your skin needs rejuvenation from dirt and pollution. As it says oil control face pack it does its job very well. You may feel a sensation due to high herbal active content. Although it is mentioned on the packaging trust me this is worth it.

Herbs Includes: Basil Oil - Purifying & Noninflammatory
                           Clove Oil - Prevents Breakouts
                           Lemo oil - refreshing & purifying
                           Neem extract - Noninflammatory
                           Tea tree oil - Acne control, unclogs pores

Retails for 300 INR Buy it here

6) Olive & Oat Face Scrub:

This scrub is made up of Olive & Oats. This is very gentle to the skin if you are someone who doesn't like very harsh scrubs. You can go for this, very gentle and moisturizing at the same time. Clears dead skin cells making it soft and radiant.

Herb Includes:  Chamomile Oil: Antiseptic and healing
                          Green Tea: Antioxidant
                           Honey: Restructures and hydrates skin
                           Oatmeal: Deep pore cleanser
                           Olive Oil: Removes blemishes

Retails for 270 INR buy it here

7) Inatur Daily Bathing Bar:

You should give a try to this bathing bar, it gives a refreshing feeling and cleanses very well. It smells really good and very gentle on skin Contains vitamin E  & Australian Tea tree goodness also sulphate free.

Herbs Includes: Tea Tree Oil - Sebum Control
                            Vitamin E - Nourishes skin
                             Polyquaternium 7 - Skin conditioner

Retails for 140 INR Buy it here

8) Inatur Sandalwood Hand Sanitizer:

If you are a person like me who hates the way Sanitizers smell. Then this one is to your rescue, this Sanitizer kills bacteria at the same time smells so good and also moisturizes.

Retails for 35 INR (30 ml) Buy it here

I was about to do this post long back but due to my busy schedule i couldn't do it, now finally its here!!

Have you used INATUR Products ? Share your experience with me.

Thank you for today
Until next time Stay healthy Stay beautiful !!

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