Reasons to be Happy if you are Single on this Valentine's

February 11, 2017

To All the Single ladies out there, this Valentines you're not alone I am here and you know what, we don't need anyone to be happy, happiness comes from your inner self and I don't only say that I feel that.
 we all are so busy and running behind things that we lost ourselves. we don't get time even for ourselves. cherish yourself, know yourself and the most important part learn to be Happy with yourself.

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I am not against any love relationship or a marriage, being a girl even i want that at some point in my life even i would love to be loved by someone.

But what i think is there should be an individuality in the love relationship too, we should not lose ourselves to that extent that we always and always need someone to complete us or to be happy.  Remember only you can make yourself happy.

Make someone yours that it strengthens you makes you strong, supports you, guides you, don't let someone be your weakness don't be around negativity.
Singleness doesn't mean falling for anyone who comes your way just because you're feeling lonely.

Ahhh! that's enough of preaching done here !! well, I am a happy single and hope you're one of them too! 😉 so let's discuss the things you can do if you are Single this Valentine !!

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1) Celebrate with your Girls:
We don't need a reason to celebrate with our Girls, call your single girls out and celebrate together, plan a girls day out and dinner together, do all the crazy stuff from taking selfies to getting high on music.

2) Pamper yourself:
 You do deserve some love, pamper yourself with a spa or salon visit along with your friends, buy yourself a gift yes a gift to you from you. spend time doing the things you like.

3) Go For shopping:
 Now, what else can be better than shopping, go to your favorite stores and grab the valentines Discounts, don't forget to take your BFF along after all who can be a better companion than her? and of course, you're going to spend your money on yourself without bothering about a gift for someone.

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4) Fall In love:
Ohh yes you heard it right! fall in love but with the things you have planned for near future be it joining a course, hitting to the Gym, start something on your own or start reading a new book that's on your "to read" list, it includes all the things you have planned for Yourself.

5) Plan a vacation:
Yes, this is the time to take action on the plan you have been making for a while, go somewhere you've always wanted to, Discover new places and meet new people.

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6) Do whatever you like:
Do whatever you love and you want to do not only the things I have mentioned above. The idea is to enjoy the day in your own way, be it ordering all the junk food and watching Netflix all day, enjoy the singlehood and be happy.

Finally, I wish you all a very Happy Valentines day, Show some love to the people you care about, and yes there are billions of reasons to Happy!

Please share your view and how did you celebrate your Valentines Day Here

Love ❤
Rajni Negi

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  1. Nice thoughts Rajni.. it's very important to maintain your identity.. and who cares its Valentine's day...if u r single enjoy the day to its fullest.. give time to urself and be in love with urself.


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