The Wrong Decision

February 15, 2017

He unlocked the door kept the bag and blazer on the couch, opened the wrist watch and placed it on the table, he sat there while losing the tie knot released some breath from his mouth and looked up and stared at the ceiling for few seconds and then looked down. He feels he took a wrong decision but then he was giving excuses to himself.

we always look for a ray of hope in the dark shadows of reality, no matter how deep is the dark. we know how to convince the mind, but then hope is the only key to survive. 

He went to the washroom opened the shower, the water was exploring his body the tiny droplets were sliding on his veins, he took a long shower, As if the water will wash away all the pain.

He was alone, all alone the silence around him was killing him, only one face was revolving around his sight, she was the only one he could think of, his days became long and nights longer. Sometimes,he would just laugh at himself....

He thought he will be good without her.

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  1. Amazing.. very well expressed the situation..Lots of deep thought and yes we still try to find many excuses in different situations..

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